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Clown Ride

Houdini Procedural Animation


Original Artwork

Final output

The project is a procedural animated video inspired by the Green Ride work of

Peter Marky(1930-2016).

In line with the structure of the continuously interlocking toy, one rotation movement expresses the movement of the clown riding a bicycle, the movement of the balancing arm, and the movement of the pinwheel and the hat.





Substance Painter

Technical Guide

1. Two point constraint

I used the movement of the wheels and pedals as the driving force and used a VEX expression to setup the two-point constraint.


In order to avoid the monotony of two pedals moving at the same angle at the same time, 180 degrees was added to the existing wheel rotation value to create a natural movement.

Because it was a mirrored right and left structure, I tried to make the nodes as uncomplicated as possible by using mirror nodes.
In the beginning stage of working on this, the sequence of UV nodes, metal nodes, and expression nodes was not properly arranged, causing the texture to break and the object to move separately. I learned that after UV nodes, nodes with animation expression should be placed. Therefore, this was the appropriate procedure I followed to achieve the best outcome.

2. Looping Animation

I used Sin & Cos to make a looping animation for the windmill and the hat’s movement. 


3. Modeling in Houdini & Final Nodes

This is a node-based procedural modeling.

Procedural Animation_ClownRide.png

Final Output

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